Why Choose Piacenti Law?

At Piacenti Law, we know that happy lawyers make happy clients. Life is hard enough when you’re not in litigation. So when you are, you need a lawyer to ease your mind, not stress you out. Someone to simplify, not complicate. You need a happy lawyer.

What makes a happy lawyer? Autonomy, a manageable workload, and the satisfaction of solving clients’ most pressing problems. Piacenti Law welcomes novel and challenging matters. When work is plentiful, freelance flexible-work attorneys choose the matters that suit their interests and experience. They use their discretion to determine where and when to work, consistent with their other priorities and responsibilities. The result is timely, high-quality work product from attorneys living balanced lives. These attorneys are independent contractors and earn compensation tied to the work they take on and their efficiency in completing it. Piacenti Law does not impose billable-hours requirements, because they lead to overworked lawyers and overcharged clients.

What can a happy lawyer do for you? Happy lawyers take good care of their clients because they take good care of themselves. They give 100%—but not 110%—because that’s impossible, and requiring the impossible causes burnout. Happy lawyers listen and care and do everything they can for you. They're honest and civil. They don’t engage in scorched-earth litigation tactics.

A happy lawyer makes your life easier in small but meaningful ways, such as:

Providing ample time to review significant filings; 

Calendaring deadlines with reminders as they arise;

Sending non-urgent email during business hours; and

Refraining from making duplicative or last-minute requests.

In other words, happy lawyers make you happy!